Frequently asked Questions


What is the handle material and quality?

I make my tool handles from hickory. The hammer handles are made from the best selected billets of wood I can find, but the top tool handles are a little bit different. They are made from a lesser quality Hickory, in that they have knot, or different colours in the wood. Because top tool handles are under a lot of abuse, No matter how tough the handles are they will always break if they are hit with a sledge because of a missed blow. This is why I do not find it essential to spend the extra time and money to fit top-quality handles to the top tools.

Is it dangerous to hit the top tools with hammers?

No, this is because top tools are made of a different kind of steel then hammers, not Only that, but they are not hardened. If tools are hard, it will crack and send flying shards of steel. So, you never hit two hammers together, but, top tools are softer so they will only slightly mushroom and need to be ground down once in awhile. It is completely safe as long as you take care of your tools.

Where, and how do I send things?

I shipped anywhere in the world as long as there is an address. I have shipped anywhere from just up the road, to Australia. The shipping cost is simply added on to the bill. Most things I ship are in boxes that are reinforced with lots of tape. I have never had any trouble with customs, so there should be nothing to worry about in that respect either.

What steel are my tools made from?

My top tools, bottom tools, hammer tongs, etc, are made from 4140, its a good all-around steel. Its also very forgiving, For example you can cool your punches in water, and they stay tough. For my hammers I use 1045. Its a plain carbon steel that works well with water quenching, it will not deform easily. My flat bit tongs are made from mild steel or sucker rod, the thick structure doesn't require anything fancy, they can also be cooled in water when they are hot, and it won't cause fracture.

Top tool heat treatment procedures

The top tool steel, as mentioned above, is 4140. Therefore, its tough and IS NOT heat treated. As long as they are used on hot steel, they have no reason to be hardened. Also, hammer eye punches in particular loose any hardness anyway within the first use because being inside a glowing billet cause them to get red hot really fast! Flatters and set hammers that I make are hardened and tempered so as to preserve  the flat faces.

can you make me a knife!!!!!?????

No. I do not currently make knives for commercial sale. The market is saturated with really good makers, no reason for me to compete right now, I am not capable of making quality knives in a short period of time. For example the machete I made that you see at the top of this page took about a year of on and off work. However I obviously sell damascus, so you can commission a knife maker to make a blade with my Damascus. I'd recommend contacting Kyle Meyer about getting a knife made. We do lots of collaborations and work together very often. Message him on Instagram @saberblades.

Why do I use the JR as my touch mark?

I get asked Frequently why I use the JR as my touch mark. The ranch where I was and am being raised on was started by my great, great, Grandfather, his name was John Rawe, and his brand was JR Bar (a line underneath). This carried on to my now grandfather, also named John Rawe, and he bears most of the responsibility for making Rawe’s Ranches one of the most Respected Charolais Breeders in Canada (maybe the most;) And so the JR Bar bears a lot of significance meaning quality, performance, and perfection. Just look at the Ranch website and you will see what I’m talking about. I adopted the JR part of the brand because it has now been in the family for 5 generations and obviously means a lot. It makes me strive to make the best products I can, and gives me more reason to ONLY stamp the things that would pass by the ranch standards. If it’s got the JR it’s got to be above and beyond! At least I’ll try.

More coming soon. Get in contact with me if you want to see anything here that I don't have yet!